Thoughts for July

  1. Why is it that I keep seeing a single shoe on the side of the road? It isn’t a pair of shoes…just one that has been randomly abandoned. Is it a “thing” to throw your friends’ shoe out the window for some reason? Did the aliens come and only take that person minus a shoe so they can remember where to return them? Do that many people lose a foot in a tragic accident and no longer have the need for the one?
  2. Why was country music so depressing back in “the day?” I have never been a huge fan, but I enjoy the sound from the classic artists sometimes. In listening to some of these oldies at my dad’s this weekend I was struck by how many of these songs were about cheating spouses, loss of loved ones or losing a trailer…no lie. I mean, didn’t they have great crops or a sunshine day or the fish biting especially well? Come on…
  3. Why don’t we have more used book stores? I know of 3 in our area, but there are multiple actual book stores. Do people keep them all or give them to charity? I keep some of mine, but the vast majority I take back to the used book store when I’m done for trade-in credit. I try never to be without something interesting to read.
  4. This one is more of an observation/rant than a question…Why is it that nurse techs make so little? I realize, as some will argue, that it doesn’t take someone with specialized knowledge to change a diaper or clean up a messy room, but I would argue that it does. It also takes commitment and a genuine love of people. I mean, I have been watching for 7 months now the techs take such good care of my mom. Recently, when they were short-handed due to illness, I thought I could jump in and help out by taking care of her one night. I mean, I have seen it done a thousand times, helped on many occasions and I understand the general logistics of getting this done. I was very wrong, however. What the tech could do in 5 minutes took me 20 because I was not strong enough to move her. They lift her up like it is nothing. Granted, I’m not exactly working out every day, but some of these ladies are tiny that do this. I am constantly impressed by the strength they have, the knowledge they show and the sincere love they have for these people. I mean, sure, your average CPA has to go to school forever, but could he or she correctly change an adult diaper after a dinner of Brussel sprouts and pinto beans? That requires great skill and a lot of commitment. I’m just sayin…

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