No Offense

This week a friend of mine posted a news article that stated there are those in Georgia who are actually trying to get the Confederate generals sand blasted off of Stone Mountain. At first I chuckled but then I realized it was serious. When is this going to stop? Whether you agree with the Civil War or not, you have to admit it took sill to carve that. It is a work of art no matter how you slice it. Are we censoring art now because it “offends?” If that is the case, then atheists have the right to demand all paintings of Christ be destroyed. If that is the case, then anyone with small children can request that the nudes that have been painted by countless classic artists be destroyed. There are many pieces of art that I find disturbing and are therefore offended by, but I exercise something known as common sense and I just don’t go see those pieces. The park is operated by donations…not tax payer dollars, but even if it were…there are countless museums that contain pieces of history that offend people. This is not speaking well to the character of those offended. They are showing themselves to be whiny brats and not grown adults.

There are many things that offend me and a plethora of other people. For instance, I’m deeply offended by atheists and their view of my religion. There are cartoons out there and whole TV shows that do little else besides make horrible fun of people with faith and morals. Perhaps we should pull those immediately from the air. Personally, I just don’t watch those shows. I figure God will take care of all of that in His due time. I’m offended by the lyrics to most rap songs. I think calling your girl a “b” and using the “n” word every other sentence is offensive. I’m offended that you are lying to your women about how fly you are. Maybe we should stop allowing rap music to be sold. Heaven knows it has a poor effect on today’s youth, encouraging folks to be ganstas. I’m deeply offended by porn in all its many varieties. It offends me that women are looked upon as objects as a means to an end and that people of my own gender are actually willing participants. I’m offended that so many marriages end in divorce because people are taught today that if it doesn’t suit you just leave or that there are so many fish in the sea so why get tied down to a lobster? Mostly, I’m offended that so many are offended so easily.

I even heard a comedian recently talking about how difficult it is to be a comedian in today’s society. In the past the more irreverent you were, the funnier it was. Now you can’t talk about certain subjects for fear your audience will be offended and stop buying your stuff.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I think it is time we all settle down, pull up our big kid undies and get on with our lives. Stop worrying about things offending you and worry about real world problems, like who’s on Jimmy Fallon tonight and how much of the Pizza Hut cookie pizza you can actually eat before you get really sick. Those things are better than yoga pants and a big t-shirt after a whole day in control top pantyhose. No offense… I’m just sayin…


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