Fashion Police

A topic has come up today that I feel the need to speak on. I realize not everyone will agree, but again, this is my opinion. Today I will become the fashion police.

I have literally been many sizes. When in high school I weighed roughly 120 pounds at my largest. I got married and the weight crept up some. As I approach menopause we won’t even talk about what the scale is showing as it is far too depressing. That being said, I have had vastly varied wardrobes. When I was thin, I could get away with a pencil skirt and high heels. The older I got though, the more elastic in the waist became important or maybe a fit and flare type of style. Now I won’t even consider it unless it is longer than my knees and full/flowing.   My point is that my style changed as my body type changed. There have been times when I might have been able to tuck a shirt in and look okay. At this point in my life I wear nothing that requires tucking because I have a belly and it doesn’t look good. My inner voice kicks in and says, “Aw nah, Girl…you can’t wear that!”

When someone says that not just anyone can wear a certain style, it isn’t them being mean. This is them trying to HELP you. If I know I don’t look good in something, why on God’s green earth would I wear it outside of my home? Do I want people to laugh at me? Do I want to have a label placed on me regarding my inability to dress well? NO! I want to portray a good image that welcomes people and doesn’t offend them. I want to not be self-conscious because I am not wearing something as it should be worn. I hear the argument that it is comfortable and who cares what people think. I just have a problem with that. Be comfortable…by all means…but find something that flatters your body type. For my friend down the road, yoga pants may be a perfectly acceptable thing to wear to the store. For me, it would not be. However, I do have some work out pants that I can wear with longer shirts and not look too bad. That’s still something comfy that isn’t going to cause years of therapy for the folks seeing me in the ice cream isle. If you have a large belly, don’t wear a short belly shirt. That is NOT attractive. I don’t care how confident you are, that’s just not a good look. No, I’m not “fat shaming.” I, myself, am not thin. The point is to know what looks good and bad on you and dress accordingly.   When I see someone wearing something just awful I immediately feel pity for that person and assume they are clueless. If I am trying to get a job or represent my family to the public I am going to dress in a way that won’t embarrass me or the people I represent. To wear something that doesn’t work just because it is comfortable and not care at all says “nobody else matters” to me. It says that other people are not anywhere near as important to you as you are so their opinion of you is irrelevant.

Now I’m going to discuss the repercussions I’m sure this post will have. There will be people telling me that they should be free to wear whatever they want, because girl power. They will say that I’m fat shaming or thin shaming or some such garbage. They will tell me that we shouldn’t judge someone based on the clothes that they wear. Maybe, but you are judged on how you wear those clothes. I don’t care how much you spent on your outfit. I don’t care if it came from Dillard’s or the Goodwill nearest you. What I do care about is whether it is presentable to be seen in. We need to stop being a nation of whiny babies doing whatever we please and getting upset if someone else doesn’t like it. There is this thing called “social grace” and it has disappeared from our society. Care about yourselves more than that and if you don’t then don’t be surprised or upset if you end up in the next edition of “People of Walmart.” I’m just sayin…


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