Random Musings for August

Why is it that when I’m on an elevator and someone else gets on I feel the need to become the elevator ambassador? “Hi! Lovely weather we are having. What floor do you need?” Really? Why can’t I just look at the floor and avoid eye contact like everyone else?

I would like to see radio stations put some music in the “vault” now please. If it was produced earlier than 1980 let’s relegate that to the oldies stations. No more of that funky white boy playing his music…Let’s let the Beatles and the Rolling Stones go back to the era from which they came…I don’t feel the need to get down, get down, get down, get down tonight. Just let us hear music that might have played as new sometime in the last 35 years.

Why is it that people who drive certain vehicles think they are special?   I drive a motorcycle…fear me. I drive a Jeep and I can do anything I want (except go the speed limit)…I’m in a lifted pick-up truck and you should get out of my way so I can do 90+mph and intimidate women and children with my size.

Why is the world obsessed with pumpkin spice? I mean, pumpkin pie in the fall…sure. I do not, however, need cookies flavored with this or hard candy in this flavor and leave my coffee alone you weirdos. I like my coffee like I like my men; hot, sweet and creamy…and a little on the bitter side like me. ;o)

Why is it necessary at most churches to dress up on Sunday? Most of us dress up all week. The last thing we want to do on our weekend is try to look nice. I’m not putting my feet back into panty hose and dress shoes unless somebody is getting married or buried. I’m just sayin…


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