Breakin Tha Law

I’m so tired of people celebrating rule breakers. I mean really…this is yet another major character flaw within people of the United States. Case in point: Vanessa Williams used to be Ms. America for about 3 seconds. She had her crown removed and was forced to step down because nude photos of her were leaked. My first bit of advice is don’t have nude photos of yourself if you don’t eventually want them leaked. It’s gonna happen. Next, if you do have some and they get out there and you are in a position where you are supposed to be a role model to young girls and are expected, by the organization you represent, to be a moral, upstanding young lady, don’t freaking complain about their response with this happens! She broke the rules of the pageant and she was dealt with. I don’t care how old the photos are. I don’t care that you forgot all about them. If that is going to happen…if you THINK that is going to happen…don’t even enter the competition. The fact that the pageant has now apologized to her is just beyond me.

Next case in point is the much celebrated woman from Kentucky who refuses to do her job. I am so sick of fellow Christians touting her as a martyr because she stood up for her beliefs. She wasn’t jailed because she was standing up for “her beliefs”, she was jailed because her JOB was to issue marriage certificates and she refused to do it. Now, call me crazy, but if my employer told me that I had to arrange a meeting between people I had a moral problem with I would still do it. I would do it because that is my job. They don’t pay me for my opinion. If it became just too much for me I would quit and find another job. That’s the way it works. Get off your high horse and do what you are getting paid to do or else find another way to make a living. It’s that simple.

Illegal aliens will be my next rant. I have tons of respect for the vast majority of illegal immigrants…not because of what they did, but because of how hard their lives were before they came here that they risked everything just to have a piece of the freedoms that we do. I have respect for the many hard-working laborers who toil every day in hard jobs so that they can care for their families. I think you have to have some sympathy for anyone whose current situation is so bad that they feel the only way to ever have a decent life is to risk life and limb to get to another place. My problem comes in the form of the fact that I know a good many people who are here legally and I see how extremely difficult that process is. I see them also working hard every day, paying appropriate taxes, and trying with all their might to become permanent residents of the US. They look at these others and they are offended deeply because of the great sacrifices they have made to do the same thing only to do it the right way. I don’t think there is a good answer to the problem we have currently with illegal immigration, but I do know that if you are that desperate to get here, the least you can do is attempt to learn the language and assimilate. Don’t go around flying your national flag and acting like you have pride in your old country when you almost died coming into mine for a chance at a better life. How about you let go of all that and start actually trying to make THIS country better by your presence. You broke the rules. Don’t expect us to bend to your requests and act like everything is okay. My personal feeling is that if you are already here illegally you should be able to stay provided you register, pay appropriate taxes and take English classes. If you commit a crime then you automatically get sent back to wherever it is that you came from. If you have kids here they get a choice of going with you or staying here with another care-giver, but you are banned for life. I agree with the need to secure our boarders. I think we also need to be in serious conversations with Mexico about why it is that their people want to leave so badly and then maybe try to help them sort that out somehow. It would be financially beneficial to us here to give them some sort of aid to create new jobs there somehow instead of paying healthcare, etc. for people who don’t pay into the system. I’m not saying send OUR jobs there, but try to help them create and grow their own commerce. We should be partners in this issue…not enemies.

Last but not least we have the folks who try to kill a policeman or who are breaking the law and get hurt in the altercation that follows and then turn around and become martyrs for some strange cause that nobody understands. The issues aren’t about what color the people were, the issue was that these folks who are being heralded are thugs. They broke the law and they were dealt with. If somebody attacks me and they are way bigger than me, yes…I think deadly force is called for. You know WHY it has to be deadly? Because if you were to say shoot them in the arm or something to get them off of you they would then SUE you for being injured and how it will affect their precious little life forever. THIS is the state of America today. It’s ridiculous.  The criminals clearly have more rights than the law-abiding RULE FOLLOWING citizens. I don’t even care what the weapon is that we are discussing. I have read about a remarkable number of stabbings lately. It’s frightening. The bottom line is that if you don’t want to end up working the rest of your life to make payments to someone who tried to kill you, you had better kill them in the altercation. How messed up is that?!! That is actually the only question I got wrong on my handgun carry permit test. The question was if you are being attacked you should “shoot to _” I said Stop. The actual answer was kill. INSANE!!!!

But I digress. I realize I’m not perfect. I have made lots of mistakes and broken many rules. The difference is that I felt bad about the things I’ve done instead of expecting the people I wronged to apologize to ME. It’s a little thing called common sense and America has lost it. I’m just sayin…


Scattered Thoughts

Okay, I seriously have to know what is up with this fashion trend of half pants. They aren’t long enough to be pants, but they are too long to be shorts. They are styled like pants are, but there isn’t enough material there. I recently saw a fashion magazine with a leather pair and a little shirt with it and thought, “Is this what it has come to?” Go home designers…you’re drunk!

I heard about something on News 2 this morning and thought I would share. Someone has developed a corset for women specifically to be a conceal carry location. Here’s the article:  I love this idea! I mean, even if you don’t have a gun think of all the snacks you could sneak into a theater wearing this thing. You know, we are going to have to get creative now that they are checking our purses.

Would people please stop using the word “Synergy” already? Every time I hear it I just want to throat punch someone. I think I am going to list it in the same category of over used words such as epic and awesome.

I have a theory on campaign reform I’d like to share based on the ridiculous number of articles and TV ads I see lately. What if all candidates for any office only got to be in front of the public during debates. Let’s just have maybe ten debates spread over a year in which each candidate tells us who they are and where they stand and this would be televised on every channel so you have no choice but to watch it. In addition to that, let’s fire all pollsters. I mean, we really don’t NEED to know how someone is polling. Think of all the money saved by eliminating ads and polling. They can each have a website and an email address and that’s it. The website would be required to show all voting records for that individual if they have held office before so we know how they really lean. Think this will catch on?

Where are the hovercrafts I was promised by television as a child? We have stupid tablets and phones and such…it seems the energies of the smart people have been misdirected.

That’s all for today and remember my Robertson County friends, if the barn is smoking don’t call the fire dept. It’s just that time of year again. I’m just sayin…