Justice for None

Is there anyone currently in Nashville who does NOT know who Fart Dunham is at this point? (I changed the name so as not to get sued for libel.) If so, what rock do you live under and may I please move in? I honestly think the man has pre-paid for his commercials to run for at least 10 years after he dies. If I have to see one more obnoxious chick do a biker photo shoot or attempt to teach dance to kids who have less talent than an unfortunate individual having a seizure then my head just may explode. I don’t know where he finds these women, but I can only hope they are either family of some kind or that Fart Jr. is getting plenty of strange because when choosing candidates I think they took the first ones on their list of auditions. Now, in addition to the TV ads that air every five minutes during all morning programming, we get to look at his very photo shopped mug on city buses. Today I even came across a billboard advertising how “down to earth” they are. Really? Because millions of dollars really makes a person “relatable.”

At least now he has a little competition with Potsie (name changed for sake of lawsuits) “Justice for all.” What about the person getting sued for millions for an accident that only cost thousands? Where is the justice for that person? At least get a believable slogan like the other guy whose line is “For the People.” He doesn’t specify WHICH people, but it works. Of course I don’t remember his name, but I’ll bet Google could find him.

What I guess I’m saying is that I’m tired of boring lawyer commercials. At least at one point they were like a soap opera and you spent the next five days trying to figure out exactly what you just watched and was your brain affected in some non-reversible way. Having name recognition is one thing…making a mockery of the legal system is another. I’m just sayin…


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