May I ask you a question?

Here I go again…my thoughts are all over the place today.

  1. How could JFK have possibly cheated on Jackie?  I mean, really…She was beautiful, intelligent, funny, sophisticated…and he cheated with the world’s dumbest blonde.  This just proves that no matter how perfect you are, nothing is sacred so don’t get too comfortable.
  2. Is it just me, or has anyone else ever noticed that of all the female serial killers on record, over 70% killed babies and children? What on earth?  I mean, we are supposed to be the nurturers and here we are killing the kiddos.  The rest killed mostly men…rarely ever other women.  (Says a lot, huh?)
  3. It has been said that I have “an old soul.” I’m not sure exactly what that means, but I have always been the responsible, mature one.  Well, except for that summer I dated someone out of state…but I digress…  I never partied, I never did drugs, I never shrugged off responsibility.  I liked old movies and big band music, and classic styles.  I still like all those things.  I learned etiquette (not that I use it always) and proper English. I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up by the time I was 12 and actually grew up to become that.  I wonder why people are so vastly different. Watching my daughter try to explain “her” music to me is kind of funny since I’m already at least a generation behind.
  4. Who determines what the speed limits are? I mean, if I’m in a tractor trailer, I probably wouldn’t be safe going down the curvy highway at 55, but if I’m in a regular ole car 55 is perfectly reasonable.  Can’t we have a speed limit for smaller vs larger vehicles?
  5. Why is it that so many people are afraid of thunder? It is a sound.  Be afraid of the lightening.
  6. I realize I’m OCD to an extent, but it really bothers me to see the hairstyle so popular right now where it is super short on one side and then tapers longer on the other. I’m not saying it doesn’t look good…some people pull it off quite well.  There is, however, a part of me that just wants to walk over with some scissors and even that up a little.  I find myself tilting my head to talk to them.  Same goes for bangs that fall in someone’s eyes.  I just feel like doing a little snip here and there so I can talk to them.  Yeah, I know I’m weird.
  7. Why don’t they just have two seats on the left and right of the aisles in planes? Then they could just make the plane really long to make up for the seats.  That way everybody has either a window or an aisle seat.  It would be much easier for the attendants to get those carts down the middle too.
  8. I wonder if crocodiles ever complain to other crocodiles about having dry skin. I mean, wouldn’t it hurt a little?
  9. Why is it that whenever you see something that is “intricately carved” such as a staircase or a column or something the carvings are always of some weird stuff? Wouldn’t it make sense to carve things like forest creatures or birds or something that maybe used to be IN the tree?  Or even what about something that would be personal to the owner…Instead they almost always have some kind of elaborate design of gargoyles or castle scenes or something.  I’m no artist, but who likes a gargoyle staring at you while you are trying to read?  I’m just sayin…