My Tune in June

Would someone please tell me why this beard craze is still happening?  I mean, I get that there are some ladies out there who dig it, but the vast majority of us (I have polled at least 10 people) do not care for it at all.  I mean, I tried giving money to a man last week that I thought was homeless.  He looked at me like I was the crazy one then hopped into his Lexus and drove away.  This means it isn’t centered on hipsters anymore…this is Franklin/Brentwood serious…a LEXUS, you guys…not a Prius!  I mean, the beard alone would be one thing, but it seems to be a beard with a flannel shirt (even in summer) and jeans with multiple holes in them.  I can think of one dude who actually pulls this off well and I may be slightly biased because he’s married to a friend of mine.  Aside from him, I’m against this whole thing.

Ah, I remember the good ole days when baseball players were the bomb.  Those guys were all clean cut with very little if any facial hair, short haircuts, nicely dressed.  Those were the guys who got the girl back in the day.  Yes, I realize I live in a place in my head where ladies still wear stockings and the price of gas is less than a dollar.  Still…what happened?

I guess the good news is if you are a dude who hates to shave, this is the time to be alive.  If you are lady who doesn’t like beard rash after a kiss, then you are outta luck baby.  I’m just sayin…