20 Years

20 years ago today I said “I Do” to the man I love.  Our vows were pretty traditional.  Let’s see how we’re doing so far:

I, Jolane Harris, vow to take you, Marty Gammon, to be my lawfully wedded husband.  (so far so good)

To have and to hold from this day forward (Yep…lots of holding)

For better or for worse (heaven knows We have seen both)

For richer and for poorer (still waiting on that richer thing)

In sickness and in health (yep, got that covered)

For as long as you both shall live (I haven’t killed him, so there’s that)

Our 20 years has been filled with trials.  We have battled exes over children, raised said children, and even had a child of our own.  We have faced the loss of parents, aunts, uncles, and friends.  We have struggled through lean times financially, when we wondered how on earth we were going to make it.  We have struggled with each other as each of our personalities have evolved and changed into different likes/dislikes than when we met.  We have struggled with pride and jealousy and anger.  We have struggled with aging.  So, how did we get through all of that?  One thing never wavered.  We genuinely love one another.  When you love someone they have a part of you.  Without the other person, you are simply not whole.

We have seen lots of good times too.  We have seen his kids grow into adults with kids of their own.  We have had a child of our own that we adore and enjoy every minute of.  We have moved from apartment, to rental, to a home of our own.  We have made great friends and gone on adventures and built a life together.  We have seen successes at work.  We have found new things to enjoy together as the years progress.  Life is never dull together.

I have no idea what the next 20 years has in store for us, but I know I am looking forward to the journey together.



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