I have tried very carefully to stay out of the political arena because I have friends and family who are so adamant about their side being correct and they don’t always agree on which side that is.  I find that in this landscape of political hatefulness that one more voice weighing in with an opinion about this or that really won’t sway any of the die-hard people anyway.  Still though, there is one thing that I have to disagree with so here goes.

I have heard several comment that there is no way a Christian could possibly vote for Trump because he doesn’t support the open door, caring agenda that so many think we as Americans should support.  I have also heard many fellow Christians say that there is no way we could possibly vote for Hillary because she supports killing unborn children.  The fact of the matter is that as a Christian, I’m having a very hard time with this election in general.  Neither side really embodies what I believe our Commander in Chief should be.  Here is the breakdown though.

As a Christian we are called by Jesus Himself to care for the poor, the sick, the injured, and the widowed.  We are supposed to do those things as His church.  We are to love each other as Christ loves His church.  That is a call to all of us who claim Him as our Lord and Savior.  That is NOT a call to the United States of America.  Nowhere in the Bible does it mention any government programs of Rome to take care of any of those folks.  In fact, they got very little support from anyone.  That’s where we came in.  Many were healed and the rest cared for by followers of Jesus.  That’s showing the love of God.  Government programs are great, but the church should be greater.  The church should be putting the government to shame in these areas…but we aren’t.  We do, in my experience, do our best to take care of our own.  Also, I don’t know of anyone in my church family who would pass up someone who genuinely needed help.  There are food centers, clothing centers, before and after school programs, meals on wheels, etc. all designed by churches to care for these individuals.  I think we do fail with regards to sheltering the homeless.  I think we could open our doors to them or perhaps build on a type of hotel to the churches to care for these people.  Something to help them get back on their feet at least.  Our churches, however, are usually too worried about things getting broken or stolen to ever do anything like that.  That’s our failure.

My point here is that the call to care for each other is an individual call.  It isn’t a governmental call.  If we are to truly have separation of church and state like everyone cries about all the time, then we shouldn’t expect the government to fund these things.  Granted, there are humanitarian reasons to consider, but all in all we need to take care of each other.  An atheist would be incensed if their tax dollars were used to fund a church youth camp so that kids had somewhere to go for the summer.  That would be too much church and state.  However, it is perfectly acceptable for someone on that side of the coin to expect me to have my tax dollars to go programs like planned parenthood.  The only way to truly ever get rid of all these back and forth issues would be to take out the government funded programs of that nature.  Give it back to the churches and the privately funded programs.  Everyone isn’t going to agree on how money should be spent to care for people, so let individuals give to the charities of their choice.  If nothing else, have a place to indicate where you want the charitable part of your taxes to be spent.

Based on this, if you take out the “Christian” equation from this election, the choice is quite clear to me.  You can’t say that one is a liar over the other.  They both lie…it goes with the territory I think.  You can’t say that one person is more despicable than the other.  They have both done some pretty horrible things, some more recently than others.  You can’t talk about who is just in it for themselves, because I think both personalities we are dealing with here are narcissistic.  What I want to see is results.  Who will lead our nation into prosperity?  Who will do the most to defend us from our enemies? Who is more likely to do what they say they will do?  Here are my hot button issues this election, let’s see if you agree:

  1. Protecting our country from terrorism.
  2. Bringing jobs back to America.
  3. Spending our existing tax dollars wisely without coming back and asking for more.

I know I have heard a lot of talk about one or the other having their finger on the button with regards to use of force.  I would rather have someone not afraid to use force if needed.  I never wish to see another Hiroshima, but if it came down to it and that was our best option, would it even be on the table?  I’m certainly not suggesting we nuke anyone, but having someone not afraid to might actually lead to fear on the other side of the coin for a change.  I know what you’re thinking…but THAT certainly isn’t a very Christian thing to do…maybe, but the Bible never tells us to sit down and not fight back.  Quite the contrary…there are so many battles and wars in the Bible that our modern day pales in comparison.  The key is not to simply war for the sake of it, but to do so to defend yourself or others.

The bottom line is that we all just need to pray and pray hard.  There is a reason for everything that happens, so if your side doesn’t win, just remember that.  All we can do is vote our conscience and hope that God blesses us either way for trying.  Besides, either one will be great fodder for Saturday Night Live, so there’s that to look forward to.  I’m just sayin…