UGH!  I hate politics anymore.  I used to love election time.  I used to get all riled up and do my own campaigning for the person of my choice and it has always been based on a genuine respect for the person running, not just a deep seeded hatred for the opponent.  This is the first election in my entire life that I have actually dreaded.  I’ve never seen a country so horribly divided into hate for one candidate or the other.  It’s ridiculous.

That being said, I am going to give my opinion again on recent developments in this Presidential race.  Like him or hate him, the things that Trump said in the recording are not that uncommon.  I would like to think that they are.  We all would like to put ourselves in another class that doesn’t think like that or use those words, but let’s face reality…men are driven by sex.  Not all men, there are exceptions.  Most though.  If they weren’t, why would every add agency in the world use beautiful women to sell their goods?  Why would every time you turn on the television you see some half naked female cavorting around to sell such stupid things as hamburgers or cars?  That being said, there are some men who take that too far.  There are some men that, no matter how happily married they are will still have their eye on every possibility.  In their minds they aren’t doing anything wrong because they are coming home to the wife and kids.  Now, I happen to disagree with this way of thinking.  I think most right-thinking adults WOULD have a problem with this way of thinking.  It is, however, extremely common.  What isn’t as common is the sense of entitlement that some men feel where this is concerned.  There are some who believe they should have whatever they want because they have earned it.  I disagree with this also.  Let’s also not leave women out.  How many times to we see women getting raunchy and talking about anything and everything like it is a right to do so?  It’s hard to find a TV show especially now where women aren’t acting just as horribly as the men.

The reality is, however, that many men in powerful positions find it very hard to avoid the temptations of the many women who are drawn to power and fame.  Why do you think most Hollywood marriages fail?  The temptation is just too great for some people.  The difference is that with politics women don’t leave when there are “indiscretions.”  Why?  Because it affects his career which affects her status.   Politics is much more about image these days than about actual content.  One only has to look as far as JFK or Bill Clinton to see this.  In the case of JFK he was known to be a womanizer, but the secret service kept it quiet for the most part during his presidency.  He has Jackie for crying out loud!  She was beautiful and confident and kind and everything she should be and he still stepped out on her.  Bill is another known womanizer.  It isn’t opinion…it is documented.  Hell, he even disgraced the Oval Office and society gave him a pass because he was “a good guy.”

All this being said, I’m not in any way defending Trump.  In fact, it sickens me.  What I am saying is that you can’t choose to hate someone based on comments from ten years ago that many men I’m sure at least think.  If we are judging a presidency based on nothing but the lustfulness and filthiness of the occupant, then we lose at least two that were pretty darned beloved.  You can’t choose things to hate about a person just because you want their opponent to win.  You have to look at their track record.  Look at their verifiable data and make your decision based on that because if we just went based on personalities or stupid crap people have said in their past I have a feeling we would be forced to vote for   a piranha the next time around.  Dependable, never talks out of turn, has a look that can terrify his enemies and has a track record of cleaning stuff up.  I’m just sayin…

Next:  Look for more to come on the topic of respecting women and women respecting themselves.