“Rap” it Up

I need your help, people. Can someone please explain to me why nearly every pop song I hear lately randomly cuts over to a rapper in the middle of the song? Why is this happening? Who thought this was a good idea? Let’s face it, folks; there are two VERY different people listening to pop and rap. I like to think that I’m a pretty open minded person. I listen to almost every type of music out there and like it to an extent. I enjoy everything from classical, to gospel, to death metal on occasion. The only thing that incites me to anger is rap. I can stand only so much and by certain artists. That being said, I have friends who listen to rap who would rather take an arrow to the buttocks than have to sit through an entire Arianna song. Why then is it that these two have decided to merge? Did the pop divas think they could garner more street cred if they infused their nauseously adorable love songs with a rap right in the middle? Are they too dumb to pick up on the lyrics now being associated with their song? Did the rapper think they could be rolling in even more dough by getting a piece of the pop bubble?

Whatever is happening it needs to stop. I mean, honestly, JT, how are you going to bring sexy back by telling a woman you are putting on your suit and tie for her only to have a rap in the middle say out of nowhere for her to “get out ya seat, ho?” Not sexy. What’s next? Are we going to see Luciano Pavarotti “enhancing” the next Florida Georgia Line song? What about if we allow Nick Jonas to add a few lines to a Francesca Battestelli song? Where does this madness end? Stop the insanity! I’m just sayin…